What is life that we want to keep it? Some say just an illusion, others that life is all their is. No one seems to know.

Time is running on, and the further I go, the worse it seems to get. One step forward and two steps back.

I wanted answers, but my dear friend is proof that answers are not all they seem. There's no such thing as a free lunch, some say, and Matthias seems to bring the point home.

Someone is interfering. I already knew the Host and Matthias were working against me, and that the prophets want to influence me, but why? I think that someone, or something, is pulling the strings behind all of this. Daniel was taken by the Turned, and time is getting on. Whoever, or whatever it is, is waiting for the right moment to show.

Someone said that the Host was scared of me and Grey together. That together we are a threat. But what does that mean?

This 'Prophet' in my head is whispering, but I am unable to discern what it says. The Benefactor, or Johnson, or whoever that is, is having trouble speaking to me due to time issues. Choices, like I said, has been taken, and Vision turned out to be Answered. Horrorfan and the Arrival revealed themselves as fakers to me, after that incident so widely publicised. Deadroses always misses me on our chats. Both the Guardian and the Slender Man are silent.

Just me and Grey now. Nothing else.

Nothing more.

No time.