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    May 14, 2014 by Luna-Nascitur

    I'm tired, and maybe a bit drunk. 

    It's like being on a drug. And you crash right after. Fucking insane.

    Have you ever looked around you and seen everything slowly decaying? Realized that everything around you is detritus? I have. You wouldn't believe it from these faded blue eyes of mine, that they see the world so exactly. But they do, it wears away the colour. Beats at it like the sea eats at sand. Crashing and crashing. 

    I used to want to be a musician. I used to have a lover. A life.

    But now. Now I can see more of the world than ever before! The old one may be gone. But we can breath anew, in death is life, and the reverse!

    You smell so good....

    A man I am, but not your man. 

    She's so different than us, humans. 

    But, Contessa and I, we're dif…

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