• I live in The endless road.
  • My occupation is Walker
  • I am Base instinct.
  • Thebenefactoroftheroad


    December 19, 2014 by Thebenefactoroftheroad

    He who lived by the sword, dies by it. I have made the bow, fletched it's arrows, and slain Nergal the Wanderer. His ill-gotten gains are scattered to the seven winds, for whoever wishes to claim them. 

    And my brother is avenged, by the breaking of the Tablets upon my knee. No longer does the Wanderer lay claim to my family. 

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  • Thebenefactoroftheroad


    November 23, 2014 by Thebenefactoroftheroad


    Cold, hard acceptance.

    It's a bitch, isn't it? 

    It's in the blood, after all. 

    But this time, the Benefactor is a free agent. 

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  • Thebenefactoroftheroad

    This was the dead land, the domain of Nurgal. 

    This was the road, the trail of the lost.

    This was my world. 

    I was the one lacking face, the black rider. 

    I was the father of war, the lord of crows. 

    Now, I am nothing. 

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  • Thebenefactoroftheroad


    September 6, 2014 by Thebenefactoroftheroad

    Well, it's been six months for both of us. I guess we should toast to Walker's memory, but that would be tacky. I've been reading over his journals, and they read like the ravings of a mad oracle. It seems that he really did have something to him. 

    As I sit in this bus stop, I've decided to pull out something that seems pertinent.

    Mannaz is the sign of our forebears, the knight and his son. From the stars to earth, this symbol was sent. It is the augmentation of the dust, the claw of the hawk. 

    As I reflect on the knowledge contained within, I'm starting to gain a hold on things. 

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  • Thebenefactoroftheroad


    September 3, 2014 by Thebenefactoroftheroad

    Listen, I can't really speak right now. There's something in the house. 

    The damned mask and all of his shit. I should have gotten rid of them, but I didn't. The moment you touch any of his shit, that's how it finds you. It's hands are breaking the door open.

    It's really close. 

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