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H: Hello.

Benefactor left this message 6 minutes ago:

It would seem that you want answers.

H: It's certainly been a while, Ericsson.

H: I have only one question.

H: Perhaps you alredy know it?

Benefactor left this message 4 minutes ago:

Yes, it has.

It would seem there are new factors in the equation that I have not accounted for.

You know who I'm referring to.

H: Yes.

H: My question is: why take an interest in me?

Benefactor left this message 3 minutes ago:

Who am I?

What do I want with you?

Why am I so mysterious?

All good questions, Hrunting.

Benefactor left this message 3 minutes ago:

Judgement day is coming.

H: hm.

H: still not an answer.

Benefactor left this message 35 seconds ago:

To be honest, I only know what he tells me.

It's quite aggravating, honestly. That, and he rarely steps in.

Tell me. Have you seen this symbol before?

H: why me specifically? surely there were other suitable candidates?

H: no, the symbol is new to me

AshFlameTheInsane666 joined the chat 16 seconds ago

Benefactor left this message :

And the cause of this all.

AshFlameTheInsane666: Hello

H: hello

AshFlameTheInsane666: How are you?

H: depends on who you're talking to

Benefactor left this message :


AshFlameTheInsane666: To both of you.

H: now, you still owe me an anwer, Johnson/Ericsson

H: anyone could have been dragged into this, but you chose me. why?

AshFlameTheInsane666: When you both finish here..

AshFlameTheInsane666: I must speak to Johnson alone.

H: of course, Ash.

AshFlameTheInsane666: Things have been happening lately.. I think he me provide the answers

Benefactor left this message :

To be honest, I didn't choose you.

H: oh? then who?

Benefactor left this message :

Who do you think?

H: your master.

H: okay. now, one last question. that's all.

H: why give me your email address?

Benefactor left this message :

Indeed, the Hitchhiker chose you as he chose me.

Benefactor left this message :

False leads.

H: ok.